Fajr Jamaat Namaaz is held on Sundays at Husaini Islamic Centre.  The programme includes du’as, recitation of Surah Yasin, breakfast and Q&A session.

These programmes are for all ladies, gents and children.  All are kindly requested to attend.

If you wish to donate breakfast for the thawaab of your Marhumeen please contact Br Azmat Mavani or the Jamaat treasurer Br Ramzan Walji.

Once Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood, a companion of the Holy Prophet S.A.W.W. missed to pray with Jama’at (congregation prayers),  So he felt so much grieved about missing the Jama’at that he freed one slave in compensation to the missed act. Then he went to the Holy Prophet and asked him that by doing so had he compensated the missed prayer in Jama’at or not. The Holy Prophet said, “Not at all O Ibn Mas’ood, even if you sacrifice the treasure of the whole earth you will not earn back the merits of a single Namaaz-e-Jama’at that you have already missed.”

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