The Muslim Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Community, Peterborough has its origin going back to the early 1970’s when members of our community expelled from Uganda started settling in and around Peterborough. Initially, there were a handful of families who started regular gatherings for majalis on Thursdays and all important nights of Wiladat and Wafat. Soon the number of families started to increase and by 1975, property was purchased which was used as Imambargha.

In 1978, the first purpose built Mosque for the Khoja Shia Community in the west was constructed in Peterborough and the community started to expand steadily as a result of cohesive community spirit of the original founder members of the community.

Growth continued throughout the 1980’s and compared to the original handful of families, soon over one hundred families had settled in Peterborough. The community centre and the premises was proving to be inadequate and the Peterborough Husaini building project commenced in 1989/90 with completion of phase one whereby the Ghusl Khana, gents washroom and extension to the gents Imambargha was completed.

In March 1991, phases two and three were commenced and by early 1992 these extensive phases of construction were completed. This included the completionof the Mosque, the extension and renovation of the Imambargha and complete first floor extension to accommodate twelve Madrasah classrooms, playgroup, library, activity group for youths and overflow for Imambargha.

The community continued to grow, leading to a shortage of space for all community members during all major functions in addition to inadequate Madrasah classrooms and facilities. The acquisition of land adjacent to the existing centre gives the centre the potential for further growth. This project has been named the Al-Qaaem Project and extensive planning and fundraising is underway.

Please visit theĀ Al-Qaaem Project website for further information and updates.