The Al-Qaaem Project aims to look to the future for the whole community, focussing on the younger generation, whilst at the same time remembering the needs of our elderly.  The vision of the project is to create a centre to serve the needs of our community over the next 50 years, providing the environment and facilities to sustain the faith of our members.

Our plan is to collect the donations over a four-year period and in this way we hope to achieve our target of completing the project in a timely manner, but without placing too great a burden on the community.  Funding is a very important issue for the project as it is only with adequate funding that we can move forward.

Together we can realise our vision by investing now in our community’s development.

Click here to access the Al-Qaaem Project Standing Order Mandate, or to for more information on the ways you can donate towards the Al-Qaaem Project click here.