Ya Hussain

Salaam Alaykum

On Monday 10th Of September we will be holding a Majlis to welcome Ayyamay Muharram (ISTAYKBAALAY MUHHARAM) Program will start after Namazay Magrabain at 7.47pm followed by Tilaawat E Quran, Marsiya, Majlis, Maatam, Ziyarat & Tabarrok

Majlis will be recited by Mavlana Syed Muhammad Sibtain Kazmi Saheeb.

Momeeneen are requested to attend in numbers to give Pursa to our beloved Bibi Fatema A.S.

Following the above, the regular Muharram programmes will include Majlis for Ladies in the Mornings, and English and Urdu Majlises in the evening. Please see below posters for further information.

With duas

HIC Secretariat.