Muharram 1434

A series of lectures by Shaykh Shahnawaz Mahdavi at Husaini Islamic Centre, Peterborough. Weekdays – 7:00pm; Saturdays – 6:00pm; Sundays – straight after Maghribayn.

PRESS STATEMENT – Panel Convened to Consider Imam Case

Panel Convened to Consider Imam Case – Panel to make recommendations over Sunday Times report – Police confirm no further action against Imam Mohamed Kassamali…

PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Islamic Marriage Must be in Accordance with British Law

Islamic Marriage Must be in Accordance with British Law – Husaini Islamic Centre’s Response to The Sunday Times Article Underage Marriage.


Eid Programme – Wednesday 22nd August

We will be celebrating Eid Function on Wednesday 22nd Aug 2012. The programme is as follows: 4:00pm – 6:00pm: Live Ahlul Bayt TV Kids Quiz Programme (will be Aired on Channel 846). 6:00pm […]

Message from Secretariat – Programme for 19th August

Tonight’s Programme at the Husaini Islamic Centre, Peterborough commences at 7.30pm with Dua. After Maghrib/Isha Jamaat Namaaz tabarruk will be served. Thereafter Aa’maal will take place at 9.15pm. Eid Namaaz […]


Lectures, Seminars and Q&A with Syed Mudhafar Qazwini (5 nights)

The English Lecture Committee (ELC) and Husaini Youth (HY) present: A series of Lectures, Seminars and Q&A sessions with Syed Mudhafar Qazwini from Thursday 9th August (19th Shahr Ramadhan) for […]

Du'a and Dessert Night 2012

Ladies Du’a & Dessert Night 16th August 2012

The Ladies Tableegh Committee would like to invite all sisters to attend the annual Du’a & Dessert Night* on Thursday 16th August 2012 from 10:00pm. The programme will Insha Allah […]


Azadari Initiative 29th July 2012

The next Azadari Initiative for gents / boys will take place on Sunday 29th July 2012 at 2:00pm.  Please see poster below for further details.


Introduction to Islam

Islam is a monotheistic religion. It teaches that there is only one God who is the Origin and Creator of the universe. For Muslims, God has many names each describing […]


Celebration Day Raffle Prize

Further to the Raffle Draw on the Celebration Day on Sunday 10th June 2012, we have one unclaimed prize for raffle ticket number 628.  If this was your ticket, please […]