Baligha Club II

Ladies Tableegh Presents Baligha Club II

Ladies Tableegh Committee once again invites all girls in School Years 3 – 7 to join: The Baligha Club! – a Fun Learning & Art / Craft Club for Girls. […]


HIC Azadari Initiative

“Surely, there exists in the hearts of the Mo’mineen, with respect to the martyrdom of Hussain (as), a heat that never subsides.” (Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)). The HIC Azadari Initiative: Nawha […]


Ladies Sports Activities

Ladies Shia Sports team has organised activites at the Husaini Islamic Centre on Friday 9th March 2012 from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. For those that attended our fantastic rounders tournament, please […]

Aqaid Study Circle

Tableegh Study Circle on Aqa’id (Theology)

The Tableegh Committee presents a series of Study Circles on Aqa’id (Theology). The sessions will be delivered by Shaykh Mirza Abbas. First Session: Friday 24th February at 7.30pm. The programme is for 18+ […]

Baligha Club

Ladies Tableegh Baligha Fun Learning & Art/Craft Club

Ladies Tableegh Committee invites all girls in School Years 3 – 7 to join the “Baligha Club” – a Fun Learning & Art / Craft Club for Girls. The first Baligha Club will […]


Miladun Nabi Nasheed Celebration

An open community event honouring the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peave be upon him). Miladun Nabi – a traditional celebration in praise of the Prophet pbuh on saturday 18th February […]


Tableegh Seminar on Khums

Tableegh is holding a seminar on Khums led by Br Razahusein Rahim on Friday 17th February at 7:30pm (after salaat al-jamaat). The seminar is open to all brother and sisters; […]


HIC Open Day 2011 Report

The Husaini Islamic Centre, Peterborough hosted its 5th Public Open Day on 10th July 2011 welcoming people from all different cultures and faiths to experience and learn about the Islamic […]


Senior Citizens host Imam Ali Ridha (as) Day

The Senior Citizens Group of Husaini Islamic Centre, Peterborough hosted a special Imam Ridha (as) event on Wednesday 5th October 2011.  Senior Citizens from all UK jamaats were invited to […]