On 15th December 2015 our dearest Parin Yusuf Ismail tragically passed away in a head on collision on the A47 between the roads of Leicester and Peterborough. In that same week, there were four other major accidents that took place on Rutland roads. This is a treacherous journey and requires imminent change. It is necessary to ban overtaking, improve visibility and instill more speed reduction measures now.


Parin was a 25 year old pharmacist that worked at the Leicester Royal Infirmary whilst studying for her diploma. She was a vibrant, fun, full of life young individual that still had plenty to give to the world. Her charitable personality shone as she dedicated a large portion of her life to community service and helping countless numbers of people through her career as well as voluntary work. She was an exceptional human being as she took pride in making others smile through the selfless projects she was a part of such as earthquake appeals, food drives and hospice flower donations.

Unfortunately, Parin is just one of many that have suffered from this fatality on the A47 over many years. Together, let us ensure that we can prevent such a tragic incident from happening again.