Marthiya / Nawha Recitation: If you would like to recite Marshiya and/or Nawha during the month of Muharram and Safar, please forward your names to Mukhi Saheb (Br Hassan Abdulla) or email Secretariat secretariat@mksipeterborough.org.

All reciters are kindly requested to be on seated at the front near the mimbar and make yourself known to Mukhi Saheb to avoid any unnecessary delays. Please note if any reciter wishes to swap their allocation or are unable to attend we would be grateful if they would please kindly inform the Secretary 48hrs prior to the event.

Alam & Taaziya: If you want to partake in holding Alam or Taaziya please forward your names to Mukhi Saheb (Br Hassan Abdulla) or email to Secretariat secretariat@mksipeterborough.org.

Mahe Muharram & Safar Funds: You can contribute towards various Mahe Muharram funds including Sabil, Panjatan Paak, Alim and Zakira funds via the Treasurer’s office.

Request to Parents: We had reports in the previous years of children leaving the premises and playing in the car park and streets. HIC is unable to take responsibility for this and kindly requests parents to keep their children with them at all times to ensure appropriate behaviour during the commemorations of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as).

Important Parking Guidance: Mo’mineen are requested to ensure they only park in the main car park, extension car park or Bowling Green car park during the majalis of Muharram, in order not to inconvenience our neighbours.
Mo’mineen are humbly requested to refrain from parking on Burton Street during the first ten nights of Muharram. There will be plenty of space for everyone to park their cars. Once the main car park is full, please follow instructions from the car park volunteers, we will have the access to the Bowling Green.  Please note that parking at the bowling green car park will incur a charge of £1 per car per night.

Please kindly listen to the Car Park volunteers.  Any issues must be directed to the Car Park Head Br. Shokatali Bhalwani.

Appeal for Volunteers: We are in need of car park volunteers for Muharram. If you are able to join the car park volunteers, please give your names to Br. Shokatali Bhalwani. If you would like to assist in any other way, your help will be greatly appreciated, please contact Secretariat.