In light of the recent amendments to the Peterborough salaat timings (as per advisory statement below), an updated salaat times booklet is being made available for Mo’mineen. In this booklet, 10 minutes have been added to Fajr salaat time and 5 minutes have been added to Maghrib salaat time for the whole year.

These booklets will be available to collect at Husaini Islamic Centre in the coming days.

An electronic version of the salaat times booklet is also available and can be stored on your phone or tablet etc. Please click here to download the booklet.

Salaat times

The timetable on the Jamaat Website has also been updated to reflect the new timings.

Please note, if you are using the 2010 Jamaat directory (or earlier versions) for your salaat times, you should add on 10 minutes to Fajr salaat time and 5 minutes to Maghrib salaat time.

Sheikh Shahnawaz’s advisories regarding salaat times:

“As a matter of precaution, 10 minutes have been added to the original timings of the Fajr salaat and 5 minutes to the original timings of the Maghrib salaat. This has been done with a view to obtain certainty with regards to adherence to the Shari’i timings of the salaat, and thus ensure its correctness.

In view of the above adjustments, those intending to fast should stop eating/ drinking ON OR BEFORE the time of Imsaak, and NOT continue it till the time of Fajr salaat.”