Mourning Procession – Ashura 1434 – November 2012:

With the grace of Allah (SWT), hundreds of Muslims from various Shia communities turned out to march on the streets of Peterborough on the 10th of Muharram (Ashura Day 25th November 2012) to show solidarity for Imam Hussain (AS), the grandson of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SA) and to remember the day that saw Imam and his family killed on the plains of Kerbala, Iraq, a day that means everything to the lovers of justice, peace and humanity.

The procession left the Husaini Islamic Centre in Burton Street, on very cold afternoon headed for the centre of the city and was escorted with the sounds of peaceful eulogies and messages of solidarity, completed with poems from children and speech from our Islamic Scholars. Banners with quotations of various non-Muslims about Imam Hussain were on display.

This year the procession also saw the successful whoishussain ( campaign with the distribution of over 1,000 water bottles, invitation cards and information flyers. This was received very well by the citizens of Peterborough, a message from one member of the public “What a random act of kindness.”

The success only comes from Allah (SWT) through the wasilah of our 14 Ma’soomeen (A), however we must thank the huge contribution from volunteers and participants of all ages to keep this important message alive.