“Verily, God has weaned (fatama in Arabic) my daughter Fatima and her children and those who love them from the Hellfire, and that is why she is named Fatima.”

Prophet Muhammad (saw) ~ Kanz al-‘Ummal

In honour of the Lady of Light Fatimah Zahra (as), Tableegh has organised special nights of remembrance from Thursday 12th April to Sunday 15th April 2012.

With guest lecturer and Qari Shaykh Usama al-Atar.

Thursday 12th April:

  • 7.00pm – 8.10PM Du’a Kumayl Programme – recitation by Shaykh Usama
  • 8.10pm – Maghrib Salaat
  • 8.40pm – Lecture by Shaykh Usama

Friday 13th April:

  • 12.30pm – Du’a Nudba recitation by Shaykh Usama
  • 1.15pm – Jummah Salaat
  • 8.12pm – Maghrib Salaat
  • Lecture and Ziyarat Ashura Programme with Sheikh Usama followed by a BBQ and Q&A session

Saturday 14th April:

  • 8.14pm – Maghrib Salaat
  • Lecture and Latmiyah in honour of Bibi Fatimah (as) followed by a Seminar – Food will be served

Sunday 15th April:

  • 6.00pm – Lecture and Latmiyah in honour of Bibi Fatimah (as) – Niyaz will be served (dependent on donations)