Oh my lord! Increase me in knowledge (Holy Qur’an 20:114)

One who treads in the path in search of knowledge has his path to paradise made easy by Allah (Prophet Mohammed p.b.u.h)

The revision day was organised on Thursday 2nd April 2015 for students within our Jamaat studying either GCSE or A Level. There were four subjects on offer for students (biology, chemistry, physics and maths). With a maximum of three students present in one classroom, each student was provided with over four years worth of exam papers. Students were able to use the additional surgery session to test their progress that they had made over revision day.

Some of the feedback that was received by students:

Really well organised

The revision packs were better than the schools.

The smaller classes were better

The length of the sessions were really good

Really worth £40

Alhamdullilah with over nine students attending the day, they were provided with eight hours worth of tuition, four years worth of exam papers, one to one tuition on certain subjects and lunch with Sheikh!

On the day our community’s students had 60 years worth of experience teaching them! If you are a teacher, a teacher’s assistance or an individual that is interested in helping with our next project, then please do not hesitate in getting in contact with the HIC Education committee.