Jamaat Namaaz-e-Ayaat will be conducted at 9:10am on Friday 20th March 2015 at HIC lead by our resident Alim Sheikh Shahnawaz Mahdavi.

The Eclipse is due to begin at 8.25am London time. This is where the Moon touches the Sun’s edge.

Maximum Eclipse will be at 9.31am London time. This is where the Moon is closest to the centre of the Sun.

The Eclipse will end at 10.41am London time. This is where the Moon leaves the Sun’s edge.

According to Rule 1504 from Islamic Laws by Ayatullah Syed Ali Sistani (HA) the time of Namaaz-e-Ayaat sets in as the eclipse starts, and remains till the eclipse is over. It is better, however, not to delay till the reversal of eclipse commences, though completion of Namaaz-e-Ayaat may coincide with the time of reversal.

Mo’mineen are reminded to recite Namaaz-e-Ayaat during the recommended time of 8.25am – 9.31am.