Husaini Islamic Centre is holding a special Du’a Tawassul programme on Tuesday 19th February 2013 for the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine…

Let us join together to remember those less fortunate than ourselves, and those in greater need by seeking Allah SWT’s mercy and assistance.

The whole community is encouraged to attend – men, women and children – for this special night of prayer.

7.00pm: Maghribain Jamaat namaaz
7.25pm: Du’a Tawassul by Mohamed Abbas Karim,¬†followed by ziyarat and tabbaruk.

Salman al-Farsi has reported on the authority of the Holy Prophet (saw):

“Allah SWT says: O My servant! Has it not happened that someone asks a big thing from you but you are not willing to fulfill it unless he brings the most beloved person you to fulfill those desires for the sake of that intercessor? Let it be known to you that the most honourable and supreme creature with Me is Muhammad and his brother Ali and the Imams who are the medium of nearness to Me. Be aware that whoever has a great desire and wishes for a benefit or removal of harm, if he calls on Me through Muhammad and his pure progeny, I will fulfill his desires far better than fulfilling the desire of one who has taken the most beloved creature as an intercessor. ”

Imam Muhammad al Baqir (as) said;

“The du’a recited by a believing brother for his brother in his absence is answered more swiftly than other dua’s. When he recites this du’a, an angel is commissioned to say; ‘Ameen and the like of it for you’.”