Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah (SWT) we are delighted to inform everyone that at the Council meeting held at the Town Hall on Monday 7th January 2013, regarding the application to open an off license on Star Road, the application was refused.

After a well written speech being delivered by our President, Brother Abbas Walji, members of our community from the ladies spoke out with eloquence and dignity, supported by the objections of our local ward councillors.

This success is down to each and every member of our community who supported the cause with their signatures in the petition circulated in our Centre during Muharram.

Success is also due to the members of our community; men, women and children, elderly and mothers who by attending the hearing gave greater weight to our opposition of the application to the proposed off license on Star Road.

But most importantly, success was due to all those who attended or were unable to attend, but made their duas for our success in stopping this application being granted.

The Office Bearers, on behalf of the Management Committee, would like to thank all the Community for their hard work and show of dedication and support. Your presence truly made a difference and served as a reminder of what we can achieve with Allah’s (swt) help and a united community.

However, today’s decision can be appealed by the applicant at the Magistrates Court within 21 days. If so, we would have to go through a similar process again.

It is essential that we show an even greater force if an appeal is lodged, and after today’s event we are certain that our numbers can make a real difference!

Please click here to read the Evening Telegraph article regarding the application rejection.

With Salaams and Du’as,