Thursday 27th December 2012 majalis programme:

7.00pm Maghribain Jamaat Namaaz, followed by Ziyarat e Waritha, Surah Yaseen and Dua e Kumayl. Majalis will be recited by Syed Muhammad Murtadha Naqvi. After Majalis, salaams and tabarruk.

About the speaker: Syed Muhammad Murtadha Naqvi was born in the UK and studied under Ayatullah Fadhil Milani, Shaykh Ayyoub Rashid, Syed Bahrulaloom and has been mentored by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani. Syed Muhammad in his final year of his Islamic Studies degree. He has lectured both across the world and around the UK. He aims to revive and contextualise our understanding of Islam as a solution to modern problems and to strengthen communities around the UK.