Elixir of Love: In memory of Sheikh Rajab Ali Khayyat

Complied by: Muhammad Rayshahri

Published by: Dar al-Hadith Publications

E-book on: al-islam.org



A beautiful selection of anecdotes on the life of the late Sheikh Rajab Ali Khayyat who lived from 1883 to 1961. The high level of spiritual perfection achieved by this contemporary gnostic serves as a reminder of the status a human can reach if truly focused on worshiping his Lord.


“Find a Pretext to Seek ‘Him’!” The reverend Shaykh believed that if one has a real longing for God and is not content with other than Him, the Almighty God will eventually undertake his affairs and lead him to (sublime) destination. In this regard, the Shaykh related the following interesting example:

“A child who is quibbling and throwing around every toy or sweetie that he is given and would not stop the grudge and cry so much that finally his father embraces and caresses him; then he calms down. Thus if you do not care for the luxury of world and quibble and (this way) find a pretext to seek ‘Him’, the Almighty God will finally undertake your affairs and raise you up. That’s when you attain the real joy.”

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